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6bitch6craft6 asked: Hey pretty, I hate asking intrusive questions but I figure you've been to my house (in Bondi with gav) so maybe you won't mind haha, how tall are you? I'm with an agency at the moment but I'm not very tall and I'm sort of disheartened by that, but I don't remember you being super tall when I met you and you seem to be doing pretty well, so I just wondered!


Hey there! Ahhh yes I remember, randomly taking photos in the bedroom with 15 models sitting in your living room. Don’t be disheartened! I am 172 (compcard lies and says 174). Kate moss is 168, Barbara palvin is 170 and Cara Delevigne is 171. You will sometimes get rejected for your height but it’s still worth the try :)



“The world wept when Kurt Cobain was found dead. Cory Monteith’s drug overdose rocked Glee fans as well as people who hated the show because it reminded them that he was actually a human. The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman struck a blow everywhere. My heart sank into the depths of despair when I found out that Heath Ledger had passed on. What is it about the deaths of celebrities – people that we’ve never even known in real life – that affects us so much?”
Nightgown as a dress? Oh yes. 💃

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Anonymous asked: What are the requirements to be a model?

It depends on what kind of model you want to be. I assume you are talking about a fashion model though.. You generally need to be between 173 cm and 183cm tall (some get through at 170), with measurements within the industry standards of which ever country you are starting in (though, again there are always exceptions). Other than that it is all quite subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the client. There is no “must have small nose, large lips” etc. Things that do help though is good bone structure, a naturally slender frame, healthy skin, clear skin and long legs. :)

What I love about the industry is that diversity and what others might see as flaws, like gapped teeth, freckles, wide set eyes etc are embraced not hidden!

You need to be a hard worker, willing to work in freezing weather shooting summer clothes and hot weather shooting winter clothing, be OK working long hours on very little sleep and you need to do what you are told by the client (you’re the canvas after all, so no diva behavior). To book jobs you need to be the type of person others will want to work with as well! Personality gets you surprisingly far. No one wants to shoot with a snotty brat who whines about the shoes being to small all day! Haha.

I’m sorry if that was a bit of a ramble! I’m half asleep and have had flu medication. Is there anything specific you want to know?  :)


Puro Organic, Fair Trade Coffee by Beth Kirby | {local milk} on Flickr.

my blog is supa cute :))

so-pure asked: you are so pretty and talented

Oh, you are oh so lovely. Thank you beautiful one!

EDIT: Your blog is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for messaging me and allowing me to discover it!


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